Things We Can All Do to Move Black History Month from Reflection to Lived Awareness of All: 28 Tips for Getting Your Learn On and Supporting the Reclamation of Black and African Diasporan Stories Into the “American” Narrative

Things we can All Do to move Black History Month from reflection to lived awareness of all: 28 tips for getting your learn on and supporting the reclamation of┬áBlack and African Diasporan stories into the “American” narrative.

I’ma try to tell ya’ll one thing each day that you can DO. Some will cost $, and I get we don’t all have scrilla to drop indiscriminately. But a powerful ballot in these United States is the dollar, and I can’t ignore that truth. Today’s tip, tho, is free: go get a Public Library card today. Just that. Go and open the door to the library, hand over your identification, and sign a library card. Or go online if you can get one. Then promise to check out an item that you can tell someone else about Black History. If you have kids, check out a book to read together. If you cook, get a Black chef’s cookbook. Academics, read a different journal this month.

Today’s Black history tip: READ in Public about Black people.

this is by el lohse, who like lowercase and has a shop on (

this is by el lohse, who like lowercase and has a shop on (

#NaNoWhoa, Nelly! got it.

Sometimes…you got it.

If you’re me, November has been “a day late, and a dollar short.” NaNoWriMo word counts are lacking; the semester barrels toward Winter Break, and as much as I work, I am completing almost nothing besides consumption (stress carbs, anyone?).

So to get my photos from an early-summer boudoir shoot, something that might sound like “not me,” but is totally “me,” and to see myself, not as a stressed-out grad student at the end of my rope, but…THIS?– NaNoWhoaNelly.

I celebrate myself and sing myself, dammit. And this is HAWT. Thanks to the artists at DeBoudoir Photography Denver. And happy holidays to my husband.